Raped albanian women from serbian
forces (Foto Pashtriku org.)

 Deutsche Welle After long discussion for thousands raped by Serbian forces only after 14 years of the and af war, victims will be cared institucionaly. And, list it declared so…And the biggest challenge remains the willingness of victims and their families to declare as victims of sexual violence as the only opportunity to realize their legal right.

Any kind of the sexual violence is a physical and spiritual murder of its kind which the victims has tried their body and soul. But the stories of rapped women in Kosovo have tha same violeter: The Serbian forces has raped me …”.The different are only contries: “At home, in the streets, in the woods, on the premises, in the school building …”. The numbers: “1,2,3,4,5,10-to …..”! Or, duration: “One day, a week, a month, two …”.

Dedicated to the
raped women


But since the end of war in Kosovo, these the victims were left without institutional care, except treatments of women’s organizations dealing with this problem. Among them, the organization “Life in Kastriot” directed by Luljeta Selimi, which the stories of victims gathered in the book “Confessions shocking-Women raped during the war in Kosovo”. “We have 857 notes from the field for the rapped women. The majority were aged 12-13 up to 40-45 years, while rapes are done in a group, in the presence of relatives in different buildings and camping. They are followed by sadism, bizaritet, cruelty and rudeness , while most of the victims were killed after rape, “said Selimi among other things in this book.

When the violence proves the cover with violence …

Nazlije Bala, activist for
human rights

The sad irony is thet after 14 years of raping of this women , the dark groups ad individuals by institutions and society with a different kind of violence are threatening them which are standing by the victims. It happened with activist for human rights z.Nazlie Bala-currently, Head of the Secretariat of Women Activists in “Self-Determination Movement,” of which party came initiative to recognize the status of these women as victims of war. The first warning letter “Do not protect the shame”, which was followed within a week in physical assault and threat, “Know that we have to be killed.”

The acts were condemned by all local and international institutions operating in Kosovo. “This threat is addressed to all those voices calling for justice against women and girls raped during the war in Kosovo. But I will not stop seeking justice for the victims “, said Mr . Bala ehich calls for good will people to help out the victims: “If we during the collection of evidence in ’98-’99 have put pressure on these women to provide evidence of rape, the silence after 14 years today is juging us.”

Still no convicted of rape during the war in Kosovo

Bekim Blakaj-Fond from the
Human Rigt,Kosovo

Although from different international organizations mentioned figures about 20, 000 women were raped during the war in Kosovo, there is still no exact figure. While, so far none of rapists have been brought to justice. Blakaj blessing, executive director of the Humanitarian Law Fund in Kosovo  with a mission of rule of law, integration minorities and dealing with the past, told DW: “We could not identify  or document these cases as eyewitnesses, victims or family members have not been prepared to testify about these crimes. But although 20 thousand women raped figure is inflated However, all since the end of war in local courts are set up only two court cases of sexual violence as war crimes by UNMIK and EULEX, “says Mr. Blakaj, according to which, after the first sentence of 20 years in prison for other crimes, after the defense appeal is acquitted of all the charges, while two other trial are expected to begin soon.

Victims of sexual violence during the war In Kosovo were forgotten for 14 years

Time Kadrijaj, parlament deputy

After a decade and more, treatment of sexual violence as a war crime has finally founded institutional support since the Assembly off Kosovo decided that the Law on the Status and Rights of Martyrs, Disabled, Veterans, members of the Kosovo Liberation Army , Civilian War victims and their families, as a special category of victims recognized persons raped. Time Kdrijaj, member of the Parliament of Kosovo, for DW explains that “the budgetary cost estimated 20,000 thousand women is estimated to be 72 million euros per year. The height of the pension is 300 euros. With the adoption of the law, the government commission will be responsible for recording the data that will be stored in strict confidence. Victims will have sufficient space to be recorded and will immediately begin The physical compensation, “says for DW Kadrijaj, which adds that although its to late but I hope that these women will dare to register and we as a society be relieved that at least we have tried to do something for them to facilitate the wounds caused by Serbian forces.Meanwhile, the biggest challenge remains the willingness of victims and their families to declare as victims of sexual violence; as the only opportunity to realize their legal right.

March 31, 2013


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