In the traces of the Albanian Renaissance in Bucharest

A warm welcome from Mom Lule and Uncle Marian in Bucharest

Radio Kosova, Bucharest, is a nest of national Albanian renaissance from where came national hymn , the first book, was published the first Albanian newspaper, from wehere was inspired the frist schools and where the great patriots has founded the state of Albania, while in his bosom are still preserved traces of glorious steps of those who made the Albanian national history. 
Writer, dramaturgs, scholars, linguist, actors, architects were some of the titles that received a considerable number of Albanians in Romania, the echoes of whose works is heard until now. 

“In early November, 1912, in this hotel has stayed Ismail Kemal Bey, the founder of state Alabnia who met with representatives and Albanian  Cultural Community of Romania on the declaring of  national independence in Vlora, Albania, 28 November 1912 “.
 This inscription is located in the lobby of the Continental elite hotel in the center of Bucharest. Putting the statue warned thet Ismail Kemali in his backyard, is the hallmark of patriotic activity which led to the independence of Albania. And the monument of Naim Frasheri, the memorial plaque dedicated to the drafters of the Albanian national anthem, Asdreni, etc., it is other evidence of the Romanian state to respect the albainan culture. Becose the Bucharest was the city where was once spoken also Albanian, read Albanian, published Albanina and was known as a hotbed of Albanian national renaissance. The descendants of these patriots devoted tried to preserve the inherited spirit of patriotism, of which dripped with major works that lit the way of the Albanian nation and laid his citizenship. One of them is the Lule Selimi Simioni, in which home we found the albanian warmth and hospitality. Miss Lule and her housband Marian opened their home and soul, every time and In any  courcomstances te support the people in need especially Albanian nation. 

Renaissance spirit through generations

The inscription in the holle off
 Hotel Continental in Bucharest

Lule Simioni Selimi known in Bucharest as “Momu Lule”, is the granddaughter of Sejfulla Malishoves (Lame Hill),  from Gjirokastra and the daughter of Albanian immigrants who arrived in Romania in 1930, born on July 17, 1932 in Braila: Veqilharxhi city of Naum, author of the first Albanian ABC. Mrs. Lule once took part in cultural events of the Albanian Antifascist Association of Bucharest was known as the Albanian Democratic Union of Romania, who closed in 1956 together with numerous organizations of national minorities in Romania. While, as daughter of teachers Kemal Selim from the Permetit Malisheva, she recognized the great Renaissance closely and drafter of the national anthem, Asdreni, which she remembers him. “Asdreni was the closest friend my father! He was a good man, humble, a great poet and patriot. He spoke only for Albania… “said Mrs. Flowers, secretary general of the Albanian Cultural Association of Romania, who all worked for e better national life.” We have had a very strong organization, one of the best of Europe. We worked with Albanians from all lands, especially during the terrible war that the Albanians of Kosovo , and Romania have helped him more, that although I made an Albaninian my  Romanian husband and he helped the Kosovars unstoppable…. We’re brothers.Kosova is our soul! “

“Kosovo is our soul!”

Marian Simioni, a warm and generous man, retired colonel and advisor while browsing the album a congress held years ago by the Albanian diaspora, shows proudly marriage with a albanina women with whom he had two sons, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren . Because, he says: “For us, Albanians and Romanians are the body and heart. We never did’t have differences. Through our house have gone over 1,000 Albanian civilians”. While Mrs. Lule, this tireless activist and pride albanina patriot, fondly remembers the time when still reigned the Illyrian smile, song, dance and laughter. “Tradition is always maintaining  my darling, because we are honest people, welcoming and warm as are albainans . But, most of them has gone… Lifeis so! But since since 1995 we have more Albanian students married with Romanian, and I think to make a strong organization within which will shold keep all together, “said Mrs. Lule.

Baki Ymeri Albanian poet, translator, editor, is a modest man almost unnoticed but with a generous spirit of ardent patriot, who speaks to the commitment of silent and traces of his many activity. He is recognized as worthy successor and the only the original spirit of the Albanian Renaissance, or better said, like “Renaissance of the present”. “At the time of Albanian national renesanse in Romania are published over 30 papers and magazines Albanian, and hundreds of thousands of copies of books by Naim Frasheri, Asdreni, the

Baki Ymeri, albanian poet, editor and translater

Lasgush Poradeci of Mitrush Kuteli. In Bucharest Albanians has  worked hard where in 1911 with Fan Noli forehead was held first Mass in Albanian. And now in Bucharest currently have a doctor Xhelku Maksuti, 83-year-old Romanian Albanian historian with origin from Kerqova born in Romania, which has published hundreds of studies for the Albanians of Romania and Albania … “said Ymeri, who with love and especially for Nichola Naco, known as the soul of the Albanian patriotic movement with  his mind and great spirit.

Albanians in Bucharest-from 40 thousand to only 500

According to Ymeri, Albanian community in Romania has been very extensive and developed, the number of which once amounted to 40 thousand. But, according to the Albanian Embassy in Romania, the number currently does not exceed 500 inhabitants, because: “With the advent of communism changed the system, Albanian associations began to fade, and Albanians were distributed in Turkey, in the US, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia .Currently in Bucharest are now about 200 people who speak Albanian, there are students  from Albania, while hundreds have been through Romania, “said Ymer, whose essential is contribution is affirming Kosovo literary, historical and political in Romanian language since 1974, with the publication of 35 volumes from kosovar poets. Therefore, he rightly calls itself “metaphorical affirmation ambassador to Kosovo in Bucharest”. As such, it enjoys the support of the ministries of Culture of Kosovo as well as the support of the Ministry of Diaspora, and the support of the Embassy of Albania in Romania. Because Romania is a big part of the rich history and Albanian origin from which comes a range of Romanian culture personalities including Romanian princess Elena Gjika alias Dora d’Istria.

Eternal renaissance …

Writer, dramaturgs, scholars, linguist, actors, architects were some of the titles that received a considerable number of Albanians in Romania, the echoes of whose works is heard until now. Instead, of years of time and circumstances did not change the essence of the Simioni family, which remained rare honor that sustain families cultivated with noble values of culture and tradition, above all language and hospitality. But the time did not changed the cern of the couple Lule and Marjan Simioni, and the warm feeling and the pain of separation is present and dependet on the big question off time and hard circumstances, becose until now the Rumania state for its reasons has not recognized the independence of Kosova…But, the warm message comes from the depths of the great heart of “Mum Lule” which feels and lives with the fate of Kosovo: “I love soo much my Kosovo Albanians and wanna thank you all for all that you have done for Kosovo and Albania. Patriotism and your sacrifice is big and you are my heart and soul…! “

Great memories from Bucharest

18 juny 2016

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